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Hi Girls !!

I am Yazy, & I Love CBD

Every day I suffer with severe lower back and neck pain along with severe muscle stiffness and soreness. I have had tried all the traditional treatments, but I never get full relief of my symptoms. Then I discovered the pain-relieving and muscle relaxing benefits of CBD. I like to mix 25mg of CBD into my favorite Dark Chocolate and Mint Recipe. CBD oil is known for its muscle relaxing benefits and i can good relief from just 2 chocolates. I eat one chocolate in the morning and one at night after dinner. I love working here... All the girls are so great they help take care of me by donating $3 dollars each box sold directly to help my daily care.

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Check out my CBD Chocolate Bars and my coming soon gummie busses
full spectrum THC chocolate

My Chocolate Bars

Made with Dark Belgian Chocolate

CBD Dark Chocolate Bars “Minty”

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.92.

These are Great Too...

Here is a few other choices of Belgian Dark Chocolate
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