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The Life and Times of Willy

Never doubt that a small bird can change the lives of so many people who share his love for travel
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Hi Everyone I am WIlly...

I am the Hippie Chicks Mascot. They named me after the only guy that works here. They call him “WILLY” like Willy Wonka cause he makes up all the amazing chocolate recipes. Of course being a bird I never get to eat any. I need your help, These chicks are crazy !! They are always locking me up in a cage! But I need to Fly Free. Will You Help Me, Please? Come set me free and take me with you wherever you go.
Below is my Instagram #WheresWillyBird. Check out some of the places I have been to soo far…  Pretty cool, but I want to see the whole World… go to new Exotic, Wild, Fun Places, meet interesting new people and get to learn about their lives.  These Girls are too busy working. They never take me anywhere…  I need to be Free to be Me… Won’t you Help achieve my Goal.  I am a great ice breaker, put me anywhere and take some pics.
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Willys Instagram

Come see what mischief he is into today... #WheresWillyBird
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Willy's Big Adventure

Check out what women our saying about our adventures
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Do You Want Your Own Willy

All you have to do is go to the shop page and put one your cart and use this coupon code Willy1 and you can have you very own… if you take me around the world and post your pics on social media and throw me a shout out at #WheresWillyBird and #hippiechicks.com  The Girls here will send you free Swag and coupon codes.  Thank you I Can’t wait to be your Friend.
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