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Meet the Chicks

Read my story and check out the products i make... i am majestic !!!
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Hi Chickas !!

I am Melany, & I like using CBD

I am a war veteran and I suffer with occasional episodes of PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is very taxing to my mind and to my body. When it happens, I get terrible anxiety, night terrors and I suffer with adrenal burnout. The constant stress takes its toll on my nerves, I feel fried all the time. CBD has very relaxing and calming benefit to my mind and body. To get good relief, I use about 50 mg a day. One 25 mg dose of my watermelon hemp oil in the morning and one 25 mg dose in the evening has greatly helped to calm my nerves and even helps me sleep through the night.

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Check out my CBD Hemp Oil Tincture and my coming soon gummie busses
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My Watermelon Hemp Oil Tincture

Made with Sweet Almond Oil and Watermelon Oil
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My Testimonials

What other chicks are saying about the products I make...
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