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The Hippie Chicks Story

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world...
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hippie chicks story-Hippie Chicks mission to make the safest most consistent THC and CBD gummies and chocolates
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How it All Got Rolling...

Hippie Chicks mission is to make the safest most consistent THC and CBD edibles. Why you ask?  We know women from all walks of life that were willing to try cannabis to help relieve the conditions that they experience every day, but they were scared. All of these women kept asking us the same questions… Should i use THC or CBD? What does THC do? What is the best way to get the proper dose? I don’t want to smoke it… What else can I do?
Most of these women went into a nearby dispensary and unfortunately had the same experience. The bud tenders were so busy, that they didn’t have the time to properly explain the best options of THC or CBD for their particular needs. Many of these ladies got frustrated and just left. I knew we could solve all these problems and make it much easier and safer for these women to get the proper medication, So..
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We Hit the Road...

We set out to learn everything we could about cannabis. We wanted to make the best and safest products in the industry. so we spent a whole year going to every cannabis convention on the west coast to learn as much as we could. We even took the classes at the Oaksterdam university. It was amazing… We learned how to grow, extract the oil, infuse edibles, everything possible.
Then we went to more than 100 kitchens and laboratories. The one constant we found, was that there was no consistency on how THC edible products were made. We bought over 200 brownies, cookies and gummies and sent them out to labs to test their potency, and…. big shock, they all tested wrong. See, we would cut up say a 200mg brownie into 4 pieces and send off the pieces for testing. In one instance, the pieces measured 8mg, 17mg, 35mg and 80mg. They didn’t even add up to 200mg. This is a scary problem that plagues the industry that we knew we had to fix.
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Our Best Solution...

The main problem is the type of food that these companies have chosen to infuse with the THC. The least accurate, is the gummies. Well not our Gummie.. they are the Best THC gummie of Course. See most companies don’t actually hand make or infuse the gummies with the THC oil, they just spray the THC oil on the outside of the gummie & then toss it in some sugar. We love to use Chocolate. Chocolate is the only product that we can mix for hours without it setting up or breaking down. We mix our chocolate recipes with THC oil for at least 10 hours in order to achieve a perfect blend of THC into each piece.
The other issue that most women had with the brownies or the cookies, is how much of them to eat, to get the dose of THC or CBD that they wanted. That was an easy fix for us too, See… we make our chocolates in single serve squares that are stamped with the correct dose of 25mg or 50mg. That way you know exactly how much THC or CBD you will be eating and you can trust that it will be the same each and every time.
Hippie chicks story-hippie chicks mission-safest THC and CBD gummies and Chocolates

Then onto More Fun...

Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s we had all heard so many great stories. We wanted to pay homage to the hippie women of that era that have made our world a better place. We were struggling to come up with a cool hippie name and a great logo for our company and then BOOM it happened… At the exact same moment that we found the coolest logo… a friend of ours, who was literally conceived at Woodstock walked in our office.
We got the brilliant idea to name the company Hippie Chicks and to tell the real stories of all the women we know, and every woman that works here. Each of our ladies has specific reason why they use THC and each of them has a favorite way they like to use it for their condition. Lets face it, we all have issues and we felt it is important to let other women know… they are not alone.
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Last Piece of the Puzzle...

Our luck continued… we found the most amazing artist. Danielle has worked for some of the biggest names in the music industry. She was nice enough to take us on as a client and her artwork on our packaging is the best in the business. We send her photos of our friends, co-workers and family members and she characterizes them into the coolest designs. Everyone who sees our packaging and our marketing… instantly falls in love with it, especially when they find out they are actually real people. She even hides each girls tarot number somewhere in the design. See if you can find them all.
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Final Thoughts

We are so excited to share our vision with you all. Please roam around our website… there is a ton of good information and if there is anything else we can do to make your experience even better please let us know. P.S. there is hidden Easter Eggs all over the place that unlock special discounts and free swag… so snoop around. Bawk Bawk… And be on the look out for our bird Willy… he will pop up when you least expect it… Enjoy !
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