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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get about Marijuana edibles... Here's the Real
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Most Common Questions

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Brownies and cookies can be very unpredictable, because of how they are made. Brownie and cookie recipes can only be mixed for a few minutes and that makes it very tough to get the marijuana oil to evenly disperse throughout the entire recipe. We bought and cut brownies and cookies from every dispensary into 4 equal pieces and then sent them off the lab for testing. The consistency was terrible. Besides the 4 individual pieces being way off from each other, the total of all 4 pieces didn’t even add up to the amount of mgs on the package.

Most of the gummies on the market are just store bought and laid out on a cookie sheet. Then they get sprayed with THC oil and then rolled in sugar and tossed into a bag. This process can also cause a wide range of consistency problems. Please be careful what you buy. If you see the same shapes as you would in any grocery store. BE CAUTIOUS… and definitely keep away from children.

We make our chocolate and gummies by infusing the recipe with the THC oil and mixing it for several hours to make sure the doses are evenly dispersed through every piece equally.

The most asked edible question… and the worst because the answer it is a crap shoot. Most edible companies who make brownies, cookies or gummies have big problems with dosing… They are wildly inaccurate, with Gummies being the worst.  These companies usually don’t infuse the THC oil into the recipe, they just spray it on the outside of the candy and then roll it in sugar. Sugar on the outside is the “give away”.. if there is sugar on the outside you know it has been sprayed… and therefore inaccurate.

Brownie and cookie dough doesn’t work well either because it can’t be mixed long enough for the oil to evenly spread through the entire mix. So often sections of the brownie or cookie have no THC at all or WAY too much.  Yikes..

We love to use chocolate… it tastes awesome and we can mix it for hours. 8 to 10 hours actually. This is how long it takes to get the THC to evenly disperse throughout, and then we make our chocolates into individual servings so you know exactly how much you are getting, every time.

Yes it is a lot more work but we want you to be safe… instead of just guessing how much to break off…

Edibles have to go into the stomach and be digested which obviously takes longer for you to feel the effects. Usually about 1 to 2 hours.  The effects tend to last longer which makes them ideal for women using them for stress or sleep.

The majority of edibles on the market are NOT Strain Specific. Well except for ours…  Most companies use what is called THC Distillate in their food products. This distillate is made from the trimmings and leafs of all the different strains put together into a machine that extracts only the THC from the plants. The THC distillate will block pain and make you high, but you lose all the other medicinal benefits that the plant has to offer.

Companies like to use distillate because it is made from all their waste and it has no taste. Strain specific edibles like our chocolates and gummies will have a slight marijuana taste but you get all the health effects that the strain has to offer.

Edibles are great for the people who don’t want to smoke or use vape. Edibles work great on the common symptoms that Marijuana is typically used for. Such as Pain Relief, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Epilepsy, Seizures, Arthritis, Insomnia, Headaches, PMS and Muscle Spasm. Edibles due take a little longer to kick in but the effects tend to last mch longer.

All Marijuana will get you High. But different strains cause different “highs.”  That isn’t really a side effect, it is more of a byproduct. Some of the strains tend make people feel sleepy, and can cause a little groggy feeling the next day. So of course we don’t recommend using any heavy equipment while you are high. So please don’t drive your car.

Edibles don’t have different effects from smoke or vape…  other than, you know… healthier lungs.

When it is your first time, we recommend a micro dose of 5 to 10 mg’s. Marijuana is much stronger these days and the effects are much greater. The effects from edibles take much longer to experience, so please start small. Wait about 2 hours before you consume any more.

Our chocolates and gummies are 25mg’s each, so start with 1/3 of to 1/2 of a bar your first time.  Sometimes people don’t feel high the first time becausr they don’t know what they are supposed to feel. That doesn’t mean you are not high so please don’t eat more.

If you take your edible with a full stomach it will take longer for you to feel the effects. So either way is up to you.

No. it is impossible to overdose on marijuana. If you take a lot of it you just be high for a very long time. Don’t panic it will eventually stop.

CBD is the antidote for THC. it Binds with the outside of the CB1 receptor and kicks out the THC. So if you want your “High” to stop faster take 50 to 100mg of CBD and it will help you come down.

There is all kinds of fake antidotes on the web. Some seem to work some do not. Sometimes certain strains can  make you feel paranoid or anxious. Some of these so called anitdotes help calm down this anxiety.

The best antidote is CBD. It binds with the outside of the CB1 receptor and kicks out the THC molecule. So if you want your “High” to stop faster take 50 to 100mg of CBD and it will help you come down.

More Good Ones...

hippie chicks faq edibles_marijuana edibles faq_marijuana edibles questions_marijuana frequent edibles questions_thc edibles faq

We test so often, that we invited the lab people to our Christmas party.  We test the marijuana and hemp for any impurities before we put into our products and then again after production. We even test all the batches of chocolate, tincture, skin care and our gummies to make sure the dosing is perfect.

We use a 3rd party testing lab that is consistently inspected by state officials. For every batch, we provide them with multiple samples so they can test and compare the results for purity and proper dosing.  That is what has allowed us to get our formulas perfect. And when you continue to manufacture with best practices the products achieve correct dosing every time.

All the strains have different effects. Some make you sleepy, some make you feel giggly, some give you energy or make you feel more focused. The effects from edibles usually start slow and become more intense over the next few hours. Don’t worry it is impossible to over dose. it will eventually wear off. Often if people feel too high they jsut go to bed and sleep it off. You can also take some CBD that helps to reduce the “High”.

The effects from edibles take longer to experience, sometimes an hour or so.  People often feel like it isn’t working, so they take a second dose and then they eventually get too high. This is common with gummies. Other companies edibles especially gummies are small, so that gives you the illusion that it is small dose. 10mg is the usual dose for a gummie. 10mgs of THC can pack a good punch if you are not used to it.  So please wait about 2 hours before consuming a second dose.

THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive drug that grows on cannabis. In marijuana it grows in very high percentages. Usually in the 20 to 30% range. Hemp grows very little THC like .03%. When THC is ingested it binds to the CB1 receptors in our brain and nervous system and makes you feel high. It is great for blocking pain signals to the brain because they brain neurons interpret the THC instead of the Pain signals.

Yes the gummies are made with Gelatin. We tried to use Pectin. It is very hard to mix the THC oil with pectin and make it work properly. Believe me.. we tried again & again. The pectin is also very expensive and that will increase the cost of the product so much that it becomes to expensive for everyone to buy.  We are so sorry  to all the vegans out there.

We want our products to be totally organic, so we only source ingredients from the finest farmers and manufacturers all over the world. We visited chocolate manufactures all over the globe and tasted some of the most amazing chocolate. Now we import that chocolate from Belgium and France and blend it together in our secret formulas. We import our skin care ingredients from over 50 different organic farmers, and we grow our own marijuana and hemp right here in Arizona.  That way we can make sure it doesn’t have any pesticides or mold spores and that it is processed safely. Your safety is our number one priority.  You always get out… what you put in. Love.

Your safety is our priority… So we grow our own marijuana and hemp. We have partnered with the finest growers in arizona so we can grow all the strains that we use for our products. That way we can make sure our marijuana and hemp is pesticide and mold free and is processed without toxic chemicals like butane or propane.

Many growers use toxic chemicals to process the oil off the plants in order to make vape oil. The reason… these chemicals are cheaper to purchase.  We don’t believe these chemicals are safe for you…  so you have our word…  we will never use anything made from or with these chemicals.

All of our Chocolates are Gluten free. The dark chocolate is vegan… the milk chocolate, Not so much…

All the Nutritional facts for each product can be found on our website, please read them… it was very expensive to have a lab break all that down for us.

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