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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get about everything else, Trust us... our Products the Best
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Most Common Questions

hippie chicks common questions_common cbd questions_cbd common questions_cbd questions_what is cbd_what is hemp oil

We only charge $5 bucks for shipping on orders under $50. Orders that are over $50 bucks are free unless you live in Canada or Mexico then we have to overnight and that is much more expensive. 1 box of chocolates is the only thing under $50 bucks that we have to send in a insulated box with a cold pack, both of which are expensive to buy… more than the $5 bucks actually…

So, really we are losing money on those small orders… but that’s ok… we love you anyway.

We usually box and ship your products within 1 to 2 days from the time you order it. Let’s face it AMAZON has spoiled us with next day deliveries… We are slightly smaller than Amazon so it takes our fat butts a little longer… it is worth the wait.

Yes of course, we are real people. everyone we know and love is a character on the products. We all have real issues and we want other people to know where, what and how they can get help for their problems so we are willing to tell our stories. On each girls bio page is her real Instagram check them out for your self

Every time we come up with a new product or flavor we have a contest to pick our new “Hippie Chick”  Join our Mailing list or follow us on facebook and when the time comes we will send out info as to where to send your information and pictures of your self.

You will be required to sign a release so we can use your likeness…  and then we send over the winner’s pics to our artist and she will characterize you and you will live on forever.

Hint: the best dressed hippie girl usually wins.

The Dark Chocolates have 98 calories per piece and the Milk Chocolates have 93 calories per piece. The tinctures have 20 calories per dose. The creams well none… don’t eat that!  I can’t believe i have to tell that to people… it is cream for your skin not your coffee. But i refuse to use the word lotion ! BLAH

We get this one all the time… THERE IS NO WHEAT in chocolate so no gluten… that is where gluten comes from.. if there is gluten in the chocolate you are buying, that is really bad chocolate… stop buying that!

it is a sin to eat bad chocolate. SHAME…. SHAME…. SHAME… now walk naked thru the streets so we can throw stuff at you… Sorry i just miss GOT.. you know nothing john snow.

Dark chocolate is vegan… but milk chocolate is not. Milk chocolate has cream in it… i assume it is form a cow but who really knows…  jk its from a cow… Moo

Of course,  We are an equal opportunity employer… We make him do all the work and pay him half as much… He gets us Starbucks in the morning, rubs our feet in the afternoon, and the end of the work day (4:30) we send him for take out food and wine. He aint too bad to look at either so we will keep him around for awhile. Jk we love ya Dr. Mike.

More Good Ones...

hippie chicks faq_shipping and returns_free shipping_hippie chicks questions_hippie chicks edibles calories_buy cbd online

Because our products are perishable and can melt very easy. We only allow products to be shipped to a home of office… please no PO Boxes.

and often they need to be shipped 2 day mail in a sealed container so they don’t melt.  if you aren’t home and they try and deliver and miss you.. there is a good chance they will melt..especially in the summer and i am sorry but we aren’t responsible for those…

If the item was damaged during shipping please don’t open it. Please take a picture and email it to us… Please send back to damaged box and we will replace it free of charge.

If you open the damaged package we will not be able to issue you a refund.

If the product is spoiled or tastes funny please don’t eat it, Send us a picture and we will be happy to send you new one… all our products are made fresh every week… but shit happens we are only human… so no problem

Reach out anytime with any concerns we will make it right

All THC items are not permitted to be sold online…

But you can Buy our CBD products on our CBD Website

Of course… the website has digital imagery for the retail boxes but the real boxes look exactly the same.

Don’t forget to look in the bottom of the box of chocolate there is a special surprise just for you.

You can call our office line anytime  480.215.6272 and someone will help you

or leave us a message and we will get back as soon as we can.

You can buy our CBD products here on our site or if you want someone else’s products, you should by CBD products from a local CBD store or dispensary. Please be careful buying CBD products online. There are hundreds of FAKE cbd Products. They are usually labeled “Hemp Oil” and have really high doses like 40,000 units. These products are made from hemp seed oil and do not have any CBD in them. Often these companies use Hemp Oil that is processed with Dangerous chemicals like Butane.

AMAZON and EBAY do not allow the sale of real CBD products so please don’t buy any products on there they are all Fake. And do Not buy anything from a Mailer or an Email campaign these are all fake too.

Unfortunately for us.. No they do not.  So please call the store before you drive over there. If your favorite store does not carry our products… tell them how cool we are and if they sign up as a partner we will send you a $100 dollar gift card to use online.

And you can become a sales rep for us and earn 20% on all future orders from that location. So swing for the fences it could be very rewarding for both of us.

mission to make the safest edibles
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It is nice to hear from our friends about our products and our information...
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