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Meet the Chicks

Read my story and check out the products i make... Mine are the Best.. jk.. not really !!!
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Hey Sweeties !!

I am Carmen, & I love my CBD

I love to use CBD to help with inflammation. I work out all the time and that really causes a lot of inflammation in my body and when I get up in the morning, I was really achy and sore all over. I know that chronic inflammation can lead to many of the other diseases that can dramatically effect our bodies, so i try and take all natural anti inflammatories because they are some much healthier. CBD is known to be a great alternative for helping reduce inflammation without the side effects and it works wonders for me. I love to mix up my favorite milk chocolate & caramel recipe and add 25 mg of CBD isolate and take one in the morning and one at bedtime for optimal results.

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Check out my CBD Chocolate Bars and my coming soon gummie busses
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My Chocolate Bars

Made with Milk Belgian Chocolate

More Delicious Options...

Here is a few other delicious choices of Milk Chocolate
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My Testimonials

What other chicks are saying about the products I make...
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