Cannabis 101

The differences between Hemp and marijuana... A short easy to follow chart.

Please Don't Get Fooled

Hemp Seeds are processed to make ``HEMP OIL``... There is NO CBD in ``Hemp Oil``. The boxes or labels on these products will say ``40,000 units``... that is very misleading and really means nothing... A typical Dose of CBD is 20 - 30 mg. Often ``Hemp Oil is pressed or extracted by using very toxic chemicals like Butane. Real CBD grows on the hemp flower, just like marijuana. Good CBD companies extract the CBD from the flower with CO2 processes. It is non toxic and very safe. Typically the fake ``Hemp Oil`` products are usually sold online, by mail or on Amazon. Amazon and EBAY do not allow the sale of products with real CBD. But there is a TON of Fake products on Amazon with fake reviews... These fake CBD companies pay people to purchase the products so they can make fake reviews... Please Don't waste your money. Real CBD products are only sold in local Marijuana Dispensaries or in CBD Stores, and of course on our website.

Marijuana products are only sold in licensed dispensaries..

CBD and THC Recommended Dosage Chart

This is only a guideline... If you are new to cannabis start slow, with half of a recommended dose.

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