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Amnesia Haze

marijuana strain amnesia haze strain
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Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid is a descendant of a Jamaican sativa, a Laotian sativa, and the indica-dominant Afghani Hawaiian. The ratio of sativa to indica is about 80:20, meaning this is a great strain for daytime use and clearheaded thinking. THC is very potent, topping 22% in some tests, but CBD is much lower, slightly less than 1%. Amnesia Haze has a fresh, fruity hash-like taste and a sweet, earthy smell with hints of spicy pepper. The Nugs are light green with darker brown strands and a blanket of trichomes. It’s probably easier to find this international strain in parts of Europe than in the United States, but dispensaries in Arizona, Colorado, California, Washington State, Oregon, and Michigan sell it. It’s a great choice for relieving anxiety, depression, fatigue, mood swings, and it makes you feel sexy. The high is creative and euphoric, with a psychoactive mood boost and a case of the giggles.
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